The reader will embark on a “Year in the Life” journey through the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam alongside a combat sailor of the unique Army/Navy battle seeking unit known as the Mobile Riverine Force. This book is for:

  • Veterans; to let them know there is always hope.
  • Those seeking knowledge of what combat situations can create.
  • Young people changing from childhood to adulthood.
  • Combat veteran significant others seeking insight about their loved one.
  • Anyone wanting information about one of the most unique combat units that has ever existed.

The CrossRoads Diaries is a mixture of poetry, pictures, Bible scripture, musical lyrics, and the innermost feelings of a young man who had hundreds of hours a month on deadly river operations, was in over 100 firefights, and came home. He then returns for a tour as a minesweeper on the Cua Viet River. Come along with Tom Center on this riveting journey through the Mekong Delta.

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